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10 Dating Rules I wished I Knew

10 Dating Rules I wish I Knew Then: So you are ready to enter the dating arena? But are you armed with some of the rules for success? Yes, there are some unsaid rules about dating, well, according to me..... 1. Prepare to look your best on the date. Take time to set out nice, comfortable clothes. If you don't care about how you look, trust me, they probably won't take you seriously either. 2. Match your look to the date. Do not turn up in stilettos and a skirt when he intended for you to go on a hike in the mountains. 3. Grooming, grooming, grooming! Breath, hands, scent and that order! 4. Be creative about dates. It doesn't always have to be in a restaurant. Research a little about what your person of interest likes and make it happen on the date. 5. Learn about your date. Do some social media or mutual friends snooping to discover their likes, dislikes and points of view. This will help with keeping the conversation going and stirring you clear from unwittingly offending them with comments like: "Don't you just hate Vegans? And with an unimpressed look, she replies: I'm Vegan!!" Oops! 6. Be complimentary, but don't over-do it or it sounds fake. 7. Manners & good etiquette always win. 8. If you invite a person on a date, pay for the date. 9. Be respectful to the people that serve you on the date. No matter what. 10. Ask about people in their life that matter to them: Mum, Dad, Sisters, Best-friend, etc. That's a next level move! A quote that is worthy of full acceptance: "Let your conversation be seasoned with salt..."

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