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Are You Lovable?

I bet if you were ever confronted with the bold question - Are You Lovable? - you'd probably answer with a resounding - Yes!! But are you really? What makes you lovable?

We show people how to love us based on our own level of self love. If you feel positively about yourself, you will send out positive vibes. On the other hand, if you feel negatively about yourself or cherish a lot of negativity in your heart, guess what? Those around you will be influenced by that negative vibe.

To help you decide whether or not you are sending out the right vibes for a love connection, test your lovability level below. Just answer Yes or No to the questions and at the end, tally up your score and see just how lovable you actually are versus how lovable you think you are. Good luck!

Lovability Test:

1. Are you mostly pessimistic?

2. Are you often critical of yourself and others?

3. Are you easily provoked if things don't go your way?

4. Are you sarcastic?

5. Do you find yourself more times than not, speaking over people or yelling?

6. Do you find it hard to overlook offences.

7. Do you keep malice and quarrel often with those around you?

8. Are you often late and unapologetic about it?

9. Have you been described as arrogant or proud?

10. Do you enjoy receiving, more than having to give?

If the answer to most of these questions is "Yes", then there is work to be done by you to change the vibe you are giving out. A change is necessary to stop the cycle of unwittingly self-sabotaging connections with the right kind of love, that you so desire.

All the above listed attributes act as walls in in your pathway to love connectivity. Sometimes, being confronted with our inner status quo is the first step to fostering change. Self-introspection is important for enduring connections with others. You have the power to change your narrative and move from repelling love to attracting love into your life.

A lovely quote that is worthy of full acceptance: "Without is impossible to please....."

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