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How To Approach A Confident Man

So how do you approach a confident guy who knows he has the pick of the proverbial crop? Three tips will set you apart from the crowd:

1. Keep a confident distance.

2. Maintain eye contact deliberately but be subtle.

3. Tasteful flirting.

When you find yourself attracted to a guy that is confident and surrounded by a bevy of ladies jeering for his attention, use these 3 tips to transition you from an "option" to the "one".

Remove yourself from the crowd and observe him confidently from a distance. Fix your gaze on him and try to gain eye contact. Once you make eye contact; give a brief yet unmistakable smile and then look away nonchalantly. Repeat this a few times till he becomes intrigued.

Once you have gotten his attention, move away from distractions and people so as to make yourself available for him to approach you. Once he does, flirt tastefully with smiles, complimentary words and playful tactility. Don't over do it or tasteful flirting can quickly morph into desperate over kill!

Remember, after tasteful flirt, the cycle starts all over again with confident distance. If you managed to arouse his interest during your brief, yet deliberate interaction, he will surely be back!

Only a truly confident woman; who is sure of her own worth can keep cool and show great restraint even in the face of potential and actual competition!

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Jul 05, 2023


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