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Men Are Knives

The key to mutual edification between the two sexes, is learning the art of balancing their roles and gifting in a collaborative way.

When observing the role of crockery, we see the versatility of the fork. Forks can be used to cut soft foods, carry foods into the mouth, poke/prod food and effectively mix foods. This versatility is not seen with the knife. It would be odd for a knife to be used to shovel food into our mouths, knives don't effectively mix food. What the knife does and does well, is go right to the heart of its function and dissect and cut foods. That is the singular dominant and effective role of the knife. An additional supportive function of the knife is its ability to work collaboratively with a fork to move larger portions of food. Lastly, a well mannered person indicates their pedigree by moving the fork and the knife side by side in unison to one side to indicate the end of a meal.

Men and women ought not to work against each other due to their differing roles and mode of operation. They ought to work collaboratively to make greater impact. Men are not forks, they shouldn't have to be compelled to be forks, they should embrace their "knife status"

Men generally go straight to the heart of a matter and cut to the chase. They tend not to skirt around issues - mixing and prodding at problems - they go straight to the centre of a matter and cut at its core. This is probably why women tend to talk around and about issues before actually doing something about it. Men on the other hand generally want to solve issues not talk around it or ruminate over it. There is a place for both approaches depending on the nature of the issue.

It took my husband nearly 15 years to understand that when I start complaining, I'm not looking for him to solve the problems, I'm just "prodding and pushing my food on my plate" or trying to figure out an issue. All I need from him is a listening ear and signs of active listening! I don't need him to, figuratively, run a sword through the offenders heart. I'm just prodding and pushing the food around my plate. Men seldom do this; although as always there are exceptions to this assertion, however they are few and far between.

In conclusion, Let us embrace our differing approaches to life's issues and embrace these differences for the cumulative and collaborative good of both parties.

Diversity of thought and action is the propellant for forward movement. Let us embrace it together!

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