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Searching For The One

Is there truly "The One" true love for everyone or is it just a romanticised dream we have formed by watching too many soppy movies? Well, I would say: Yes and No! And I hope to explain it from my perspective as clearly as possible. Lets start with Yes, because I did find that one true love that ticked absolutely all the boxes I wanted and many more compatibilities that I wasn't even wise enough to esteem at the start of my desire to find true love. That said, I had gone through a four year journey of singlehood before my husband was.....well.....thrust into my line of vision as the one true love I had been searching for. The four years preceding our eventual migration towards each other was so essential for our eventual total eclipse. Why? Why was the wait important? And what change did it make in uniting me with the "ONE?" During that waiting room of singlehood, I learnt a lot about myself, my likes, my dislikes and discovered that many of my previous choices were very much superficial and shallow. I guess if you are just dating; you could be superficial and shallow, however for marriage, superficial and shallow are absolute red flags! I moved from seeking external visible qualities to going deeper by seeking qualities like: potential, integrity, work ethic, manners, character and spirit. Yes, I wanted a hunk that I could continually want for the rest of my life, but, not at the expense of the deeper and long-lasting qualities. Once that switch was made in my mindset, I was ready to come out of the waiting room and see that "the one" I had been searching for all along.....was a diamond in the rough....but my diamond none the less. So, from this perspective, I will argue that yes, there is the "One" for each one of us. But, are we willing to be Single enough with our self to recognise them when they arrive? Without a change of vision "Your One" will continuously elude you. You don't want to miss Part 2 of Searching for the "ONE": The perspective of the nay-sayers. A beautiful quote that is worthy of full acceptance: "Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires."

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