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Women Are Forks

I once gave a seminar to Singles on the differences between Men and Women and the best analogy I could use to describe our differences was crockery.

Men and Women are different in function and once we can embrace these differences we can actually exploit its significance.

Women are just like forks. We are shapely by design, for the function of bearing great loads with a flare of sophistication and grace. A true example of our ability to carry great loads is the journey to Motherhood. We are able to carry and deliver children, not once, but often multiple times in quick succession. It is said that if a man were ever to go through labour for just an hour, they would die.

This abililty to carry great loads is useful beyond carrying and birthing of children. Women are able to carry multiple problems and foster effective solutions with great empathy. In addition to this, women are able convert things from one form to another. For example, give her a house and she'll give you a home, give her a seed and she'll give you are garden, give her criticism and she'll give you.......I think you get my drift.

A Fork is very useful but its ultimate function is enhanced when used in collaboration with a knife. The giftings of a woman coupled with that of a man when effectively tapped into, is like hitting the jackpot. You quite literally have a dream team that is hard to conquer.

The challenge nowadays however, is for women and men to stay true to their created giftings and to not work against each other but work collaboratively.

When deciding on a future partner one should think: Is this the knife for my fork? You don't want a fork to align with a chopstick or a knife to align with a tweezer. This is the recipe for frustration!

Equal pairing, though differing functions, is the true key to an impactful union.

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